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Learn What Aluminum Standoffs -or Aluminum Spacers Are.

Our cost efficient Aluminum Standoffs or Aluminum Spacers, ideal to hang your signs! Only using top quality aircraft-grade aluminum providing Best Prices worldwide! These are many times called aluminum standoff spacers or barrels because of their appearance. They typically come in sizes ranging from 5/8 inch up to 2 inches in diameter. Their normal use can range from mounting signs or graphics on a wall or countertops under a plate of glass, or plastic. To read more and learn about our number one selling standoff system go here:


Where did Standoffs get their name from.

Where did Standoffs get their name from? Standoffs received its name from the special way it is installed to a wall or surface area. Instead of being installed flat or hanging from a wire or post, the standoff system utilizes metal spacers to hold the indication out from a flat surface area. These posts appear like a piece of hardware called a standoff, which is utilized to different parts from each other in making some electronic and mechanical systems. Because of the resemblance in the hardware, the approach of hanging or installing signs or displays making use of hardware that passes through the material and holds the material above the mounting surface area ended up being called a standoff system. Due to the fact that standoff systems need the holes to be drilled in the sign or glass for the installing hardware to go through them, they are in some cases described as “spacers”. Standoff systems Standoff hanging signs are an appealing option for an office since they have an expert l

Suspended Signs for Directional Wayfinding Signage Systems

Getting from one place to the next is a crucial part of our lives every day. Many times we don’t have to think about the process of navigation because we are familiar with the trip or, more often, because there are plenty of great wayfinding signs along the way to make sure you are on the right track. Because this can be such a subtle process, sometimes it is easy to overlook Directional Signs in our own businesses! Thanks to a few great tips from your friends at MBS, you won’t have anything to worry about. Wayfinding Signage “Wayfinding” refers to all of the ways that people orient themselves to their surroundings and navigate from place to place. This process is particularly difficult when we are new to a location, but with many of the large and complex buildings in today’s world, it can be easy to get lost even if you are familiar with your surroundings. Knowing this, it is important for business owners to be sure that their customers never find themselves confused about where they

What Are Customizable Standoffs – Barrels MBS Standoffs

Customizable Barrel Standoffs
Our Customizable Line is so amazingly flexible, that we’re breaking down each section of the system to show you all of the amazing possibilities! If you’re not familiar with our Customizable Line of standoffs, you can see an overview of the system in this blog post. Check out Part 1 – Caps to see where it all starts or keep reading here to learn more!

Barrels come in many sizes and several finishes to match our Caps perfectly. All of our top-quality finishes are as elegant as ever to ensure your display looks great for years to come. In Aluminum, we have Clear Anodized, Black Anodized, and Gold Anodized. In Stainless Steel, we have Satin Brushed and Polished. Click to read more.

Use Desktop Standoffs to Make a Statement

Make your office or business stand out! Our Desktop Standoffs are the perfect way to create a simple and beautiful display. Create a professional nameplate, plaque, award, and more with our simple Desktop Standoffs and Kits. Desktop Standoffs are a simple and affordable way to make a great impression. Use them in your lobby or welcome desk to create a welcoming environment. Set up your own nameplate at your desk to show your clients and coworkers a professional touch. Desktop Standoffs are a small addition that can make a huge difference. Setup couldn’t be easier – just unscrew the caps from your desktop standoffs, slide the cap studs through your glass, then screw the caps back into the bases. Most setups use two-pieces of glass with material between them, but you can also get the glass etched for an extra touch of class. Get one of our amazing and affordable Desktop Standoff Sets that come with everything included – gorgeous standoffs with perfectly sized and pre-drilled glass! We h

Display and Cable Hanging System Configurator for Signage and Displays | Tampa Bay News Wire

MBS Standoffs, a worldwide distributor for standoff systems, cable display systems, rod hanging display, and signage hardware, announced their new online cable and rod configurator. Any signage and display hardware business looking for a competitive advantage to receive the best prices, easy ordering, and have quality products fast will benefit from their new ordering system. The latest development of the new online ordering configurator system is the only niche specific one of its kind. As of today MBS-Standoffs, together with MBS Displays, a unique rail picture hanging system and cable display distributor, has teamed up to bring the very best display hanging system online ordering system. Many businesses like signage companies, contractors, interior / exterior design businesses, and many others have seen an increase in profits due to the affordability and ease of ordering. Click To Read More

What Are Z-Clip Panels For? – MBS Standoffs

Z-CLIPS Panel are fast, easy and cost effective for locking in place any kind of wall panel, acoustical panel, partition, cabinet, signage, artwork, etc.

Our panels come in different sizes including our Mill Finish Aluminum Panel “Z” Clips 2” x 1 3/8” that also feature a lift-off clearance for ease of installation. Our inventory also covers Aluminum Z-Clip 6′ Medium to Heavy Duty applications. We also offer custom sizes upon request.

To ream more about our Z Clips or place an order, please contact or call 1-813-938-6025 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Screw Covers With A Standoff Look, Flush Mount Solution MBS Standoffs

Screw Covers, also known as Screw Caps or Screw Cap Covers, use a two-piece construction to mimic the appearance of a normal standoff display, but with no distance between the wall and your material. These affordable and easy-to-use Screw Covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are sold in sets of 4.

Our Screw Cap Covers are available in several diameters, ranging from 1/2” to 1” with several sizes between. They are available in Aluminum in Clear Anodized, Clear Anodized Shiny, Black Anodized, or Gold Anodized finishes or in a brushed Stainless Steel finish. All of the Aluminum finishes can be used indoors or out. The Stainless Steel finish comes in a standard grade, which should be used indoors only, or in a higher grade, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Read more here on our blog

Mbs Standoffs – Using Standoffs for Door Signs

As we know, standoffs are extremely versatile and can be used for a huge variety of applications. One of our favorites is to use standoffs with glass to create a gorgeous door sign outside of an office or room. This type of high-quality display makes an effective impact on your clients, customers, or anyone who passes by.
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Cable and Rod Hanging Display Systems

MBS Cable and Rod Hanging Display Systems are a very fresh modern way to display or show off your signage; and a great option for displaying your art work.

Cable and Rod Hanging Display Systems

MBS Standoffs

Many of our products can be seen mainly in hospitals, airports, Dr. offices, window displays and large art gallery’s. Mostly used for a modern European look and today making their way into grocery stores, retail, houses and more. Our Cable Systems, Suspended Aluminum Kits, Gallery Hanging Systems, and Rod Kits for Signage; will be sure to have a huge impact on your design location.

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