Use Desktop Standoffs to Make a Statement

Make your office or business stand out! Our Desktop Standoffs are the perfect way to create a simple and beautiful display. Create a professional nameplate, plaque, award, and more with our simple Desktop Standoffs and Kits. Desktop Standoffs are a simple and affordable way to make a great impression. Use them in your lobby or welcome desk to create a welcoming environment. Set up your own nameplate at your desk to show your clients and coworkers a professional touch. Desktop Standoffs are a small addition that can make a huge difference. Setup couldn’t be easier – just unscrew the caps from your desktop standoffs, slide the cap studs through your glass, then screw the caps back into the bases. Most setups use two-pieces of glass with material between them, but you can also get the glass etched for an extra touch of class. Get one of our amazing and affordable Desktop Standoff Sets that come with everything included – gorgeous standoffs with perfectly sized and pre-drilled glass! We h


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